May the spring breeze

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May the spring breeze

Company News2015-05-30

In may, it is a spring breeze intoxicate, picturesque scenery season; Into may, Qingdao television station, TV station of laoshan, Qingdao laote, beer in hand in this vibrant, like poem like song, slowly opened for the Thanksgiving feedback...


Into the huadu, more than two hours of close communication, when night came, laote beer sales stage, pay attention to the fellows in healthy drinking is still an endless stream... , high-end atmosphere of the international community, the east side of laote beer export products just landed in Australia, were snapped up in narrations, garden-like olin community, that although the cold wind blow gently, but in the glamour host's explanation in laoshan elegance of chorus and the cheerful dance, and stay on laote, Qingdao beer, beer lovers still linger, kept asking when and where can to such a good beer...

In may, with flowers in full bloom, laote beer in your love, in the spring sunshine, happy and stepping spring song melody, quietly walked into the opened with the spring breeze in the spring.


What do not need to wait, what do not need to deliberately mood, a mountain spring laote, beer, the cool breeze, clear blue sky, the moon of may the peace, joy of jumping through the window the stream will always echo in your mind... .



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