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Qingdao Laote Brewery Co., Ltd.

Special geographical location, beautiful scenery, pure Laoshan Mountain spring water

Qingdao Laote Brewery Co., Ltd. is located in Laoshan special scenic Qingdao Laoshan Scenic Area Shazikou Yanyunjian. Beer brewing business was founded in November 1994, is an international level, the existing production capacity of 100,000 tons. Special geographical location, beautiful scenery, pure Laoshan Mountain spring water for brewing high-quality beer Laois special offer favorable conditions.

Five beer ingredients, water is the main ingredient. A famous German winemaker when he said: 'Water is the blood of beer.' Laois central feature is the use of a special beer famous 'water mellowness Ganlie longevity '-- Laoshan Mountain spring water carefully brewed wine brewing water is truly good.

Laote selection of superior grade imported malt beer, natural Xinjiang Hops, superior grade rice, fine yeast, using the Laoshan Mountain spring water, according to the national gifted-class standards, adhering to the old traditional German brewing technology, integration of modern science and technology, ultra-low temperature fermentation time , beer flavor preservation technology hermetic oxygen barrier, the entire process pure of brewing, wine making Laois special beer crystal clear, pure and natural, refreshing taste, more suitable for consumer demand. Laote beer reasonable to maintain a variety of nutrients beer, its golden color and transparent, delicate white foam, linked Cup lasting, pure cool soft wheat rich flavor, products sold in major urban centers.

Since 2005 it has been exported to Asia, Europe, Oceania, and so dozens of countries and regions, favored by consumers.

The company has strong technical force and advanced world of brewing, packaging and other ancillary equipment. Supporting a full range of high-tech technology and product testing equipment, perfect quality management system, we have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, QS certification and HACCP food safety system certification. Laois special beer with a unique product technology and excellent product quality, won numerous medals of honor. Won the 1999 World Beer Fair 'special international honor Gold Medal'; 'Shandong Province' and 'Qingdao Famous Brand'; China to build credit annual 're-credit enterprise'; 2009 China Excellent Brand Award; 'most economic sectors 60 the influence of the first and most innovative enterprises, 'and so on.

Looking to the future, Qingdao Laote Brewery Co.Ltd., quality to do a century brand mission, uphold integrity, gratitude, dedication philosophy to the modern mode of operation and a new marketing model for consumers to create a green, healthy life, drink special Laois beer full of happiness, happiness, to make social citizenship. The Laois Special Beer Company into production, tourism, culture, tourism and experience in one of the garden-style international company and work hard and create greater glories.


Good beer with real materials, with draft beer really change, with sincerity for the truth

Company culture

Company Vision:Quality wine for centuries, a century-old brand, built a century Laois special.

Our Mission: Laoshan Mountain spring water, beer brewing green health, improve the quality of life of consumers.

Corporate purposes: In good faith to build credibility; to gain market credibility; to seek market development; development of social return.

The spirit of enterprise: Teamwork, the pursuit of excellence.

Enterprise style: Rigorous and pragmatic, vigorous and resolute.

Quality:Excellence, the pursuit of perfection.

Brand Concept:All consumers.

Market outlook:Develop new markets, never give up.

Service concept: Honest, considerate.

Talent:People-oriented, Shangxian energy.

Environmental Concept: have gratitude.

In fishes is shaped by the spirit, shaping the quality, achievements of the international journey

Interpretation of fishes

Special fishes logo Laois Laois special beer is the new century's first leap into the world, was relocated Laois special beer brand to upgrade.

Laote beer brand new logo to Laoshan myths and legends of fishes for the creative basis, angular bottle basis for the design, highlighting the cultural connotation of the East and West and profound meaning,Laote is a special beer Butterfly, fly higher, to brilliant and achieve Laote dream logo.

Fishes in the 'East Sea Turtle degree ao' mythology is auspicious animal, it magical wand, Titanic, splashing into the water in the sea among prance and Jackie Chan. According to legend Laoshan bear fishes from, the Laoshan the 'V Ao,' said; there are myths and legends, Laoshan is a giant Ao into the East China Sea, is famous sea first, it is Jimo 'ao.' Laoshan various legends from fishes, fishes more representative of Laoshan.

West from ancient Greece to China's Spring and Autumn, angular cup runs through five thousand years of wine culture among East and West, as a triangular shape to animals for decoration, with the angled cup spontaneously animal as wine tupperware - - Jiuzun, 'victory, glory, passion' for the interpretation.

Special Laois Forest mountains and the sea, built one of the world's three major river systems of the Laoshan Mountain spring water is the exclusive special Laois, Laois special beer brewed with  Laoshan Mountain spring water, mountain spirit, the essence of water, to make financial bottle of beer among the fishes is represented Laois special. Laois special fishes with an upwardly curved horn cup Jiuzun image and fishes courage, strength, wisdom gene as Laois special beer brand attributes, is a tribute to the ancient culture of wine and praise, is a symbol of Laoshan charm.

Laote fishes logo, sinewy tail up, paws firmly grip, firm Rushan, his mouth wide open engine head forward, showing the special people Laois Laoshan loose spirit, meaning Laois special people determined to 'quality wine for centuries, a century brand, built a century-old special 'vision, heads held high, stable development, courage, great strides into the new international journey, like fishes, as champion.