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Keep a clear spring to mind

Company News2015-05-22

Recently island at the dining table, a name linked with laoshan spring brewed beer, the beer war swords, with laotere quality, silent, silent became fashionable crowd the essentials of competition to drink, what charm let everyone like her? With a curious meet my friends and I came to the beer of origin: jian conducted on-site visit to Qingdao laoshan scenic spot smoke.

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laote, Qingdao beer co., LTD is located in known as "the Oriental pearl," said the east Qingdao laoshan, fairy tales, she is in the east China sea legend giant fangs unreal, so the laoshan have "FuAo" say again.


laote, Qing



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Laois special selection of superior grade imported malt beer, natural Xinjiang Hops, superior grade rice, fine yeast, using the Laoshan Mountain spring water, according to the International gifted class standards, adhering to Germany's oldest traditional brewing process, the integration of modern science and technology, most low-temperature fermentation time, beer Wine flavor preservation technology hermetic oxygen barrier, the entire process pure of brewing, wine making Laois special beer crystal clear, pure nature, clean taste Cool and delicious.

Laois special beer reasonable to maintain a variety of nutrients beer products sold in major urban centers, have been exported in 2005 Asia, Europe, Oceania, and so dozens of countries and regions, favored by consumers.